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    Wednesday, October 29th, 2014
    8:46 am
    Sick and love
    I got some kind of a bug this week. I was driving home to Shullsburg to see Mom and I called her by Dodgeville to tell her I did not feel well. She said to go back to Madison. I said I wanted to clean and prepare food for her.

    I then went back and the weird thing about this virus is that it feels vague some part of me thinks I am not physically sick and the other part is tired.

    And it came on stronger but not like a full force flu. So today I think I will finally beat it. I am going to rest more.

    Even though I am sick I love my life.

    I just do. I love being a writer.
    Sunday, October 26th, 2014
    11:33 am
    Life with the perpetual spies
    Just want to say when that home was refurbished I sensed it was for show (given who owns the property) and that you would be right back in there. The black thing in the window confirmed it as did the day I saw the voice recognition device.

    I know it's not going to end. I got it. So I write my novels.

    I am free.

    You enjoy your life 2
    Friday, October 24th, 2014
    6:37 pm
    Thursday, October 23rd, 2014
    3:00 pm
    To be as Important as the One percent
    For the cashier who waited on me this morning

    To choose the moral superiority of
    being a poor republican, specialized
    you live in the rural area where
    you post your signs for Walker, you
    smile with a hate in your heart, your
    art of being someone finally, the
    secret of your food stamp collection
    and the trips to the Capital to save
    your farm with Democratic programs,
    you huff out loud, "Democrats want an
    economy that works for everyone, I
    want an economy where everyone works."
    Today on Aberg Avenue in liberal living
    Madison, a cashier with a cane walked
    to the self checkout to help a shopper
    The shopper said, "I am sorry, I need
    your help." The cashier stood as
    straight as she could, pain all over her
    body, death knocking at her door. You
    have your economy where every one is working
    in fact they are working two jobs in
    the new economy of nannies, maids, and
    sex workers: jobs for one and one for all.

    2:14 pm
    Alder Chris Schmidt wants to pay alders and their president
    Apparently Alder Schmitt is going to take a year off from the presidency to get it put through and then he can come back another year and get the money.

    We have a brilliant city full of great minds and all ages. There are retired people who would be able to sit on the city council.

    I want us to keep our city as corruption free as we can. It's bad enough that alders with conflict of interest and low self esteem wanting to be in the lobbyists' groups exist, but to start paying would be a mistake for our city.

    It's time for people who think they are entitled to money along with privilege of the power to get out and let others in our city serve.
    2:06 pm
    Walker rose to power because of entitled democrat Tom Ament
    "Ament, who spent 34 years in county government — a decade of it as county executive — had a hand in building Miller Park and the Calatrava wing of the Milwaukee Art Museum; funded a new jail; and dealt with fiscal leaks. But it was the pension deal that he blamed on ignorance rather than greed that cost him dearly. Under the deal, a handful of retirees took backdrops at or close to $1 million. No formal actuarial study of the pension deal's net additional cost has ever been done, but estimates have ranged from $100 million and up."
    2:02 pm
    This is the kind of corruption that comes with entitled service
    Of course, be funny and blame a woman for taking the money.

    But the county is so generous that McCann was already eligible to collect 80 percent of his income upon retirement, a higher percentage than any other government in Wisconsin allows. Based on his current salary of $115,262, one of the highest in county government, McCann stood to collect at least $92,000 annually for life.

    But that isn’t enough for McCann. He wants the 25 percent bonus, which is multiplied times the $92,000, raising his retirement payment to at least $115,000 annually.

    When asked why he didn’t waive this grossly inflated benefit, McCann blames his wife. “My wife did not desire to do this. I certainly respected her opinion,” he says.
    1:56 pm
    Against paying the Madison City Council big bucks
    A proposal to have the Madison City Council President be paid $65,000 per year with benefits including retirement making the salary worth $90,000.

    I am against it.

    I like that the city council has a revolving door policy of Alders. I think it keeps a freshness in the flow. If the alders feel that they are giving too much time and the privilege of power is not enough pay then it's time to go.

    We can't afford programs for kids in school, for kids after school and for homeless kids and some ego's want to measure their self worth by an income?

    Get out of the work and let some one else do it. If we start paying that much money we will see corruption and sell out to lobbyists be the norm. Some alders reportedly sell out to lobbyists already you know the old, I want to be someone important and if this rich guy notices me and courts me well I must have finally made it.

    I am for the alders having health insurance but nothing more. And if the job is too much time get someone else in there and save the money for the kids after school some who have no shelter and no family life. They are the future we want to fund money into.
    Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014
    6:05 pm
    Happiness reigns !
    I am happy ! And I started using my sun lamp today. My oldest sister bought it for me and I am going to pay her back.

    I am happy and content.
    6:04 pm
    My life today
    I brought the listing of television channels for Direct TV to Madison so that I could call Mom to tell her what station a show she might like is on. Otherwise she is on MSNBC all day and they have been saying the same thing over and over.

    Patrick put a link on his facebook about a cop stopping a guitarist from playing his guitar in the subway. Patrick wrote, "Why New York is no longer the music hub bub"

    (Keep in mind that Soglin has introduced music on the corners of Madison during the summer)

    I write of Soglin because Ted Tyson responded that ever since Mayor Julianni took over 20 years ago everything changed.

    In the Hudson Valley where Woodstock is and where Patrick lives with Dylan the music is alive and exciting. I bought new tires this week for the car so I can go see Maripat at the top of Minnesota for Christmas and go see Patrick sometime in the summer with my nephew.

    A high school friend stopped by to give Mom a pedicure today. It's good for Mom and she has not complained of her feet since my friend started this.

    I do believe we can serve where we are. I do something in life that might seem menial to others but I know that my work makes people's lives easier.

    Well, one of my first friends from Clarke who is so much fun that my younger brother remembers her is going to stay with me at my younger brother and sister in law's. Her son goes to Clarke. My nephews will think she is wonderful if there is a chance that they get to meet her.

    I went swimming at Harbor today at 4:00. I need to incorporate that in my daily life.
    5:54 pm
    Using facebook instead of shooting the general pubic???????
    In my book I write that there is a beautiful part of Catholicism that works where the generous and the fiscally conservative can work together for the sake of justice. When I wrote the book, I didn't have the ability to put it that succinctly. I think the current Pope aligns himself with those kind of Catholics and the conservative men are having a fit in the Catholic Church.

    I am proud of my facebook account because it has all kinds of people including working class people. But some of the stuff that the "haters" are putting on there mystifies me.

    One woman who has no money announced, "I stand with Scott Walker." I responded, I didn't know you were wealthy and standing with corporations that pay their employees slave wages because if you are not financially wealthy you are voting against your own self interests."

    I am just going to start making it so some of these people who post political things don't show up on my facebook. Generally I am not political on facebook I am just a small town girl who was raised Catholic but sometimes when the people use code words for racism and other isms I say something.

    Another Catholic Male ranted about Jane Fonda being unforgivable for what she did during Vietnam. I wrote, "Jesus loves her."

    This writer likes to post that he is against abortion.

    One of his male friends wrote that Mother Teresa told Jane Fonda to get "f##Ked"

    I wrote, "Well I think that the way you treat Jane Fonda indicates that she should have been aborted."

    If we are going to say "no' to abortion we have to accept that God loves everyone.

    I wrote them, Jesus loves Bush and Jesus loves Obama. It's the way it is.

    Generally I ignore the stuff but if they are going to use facebook to spread negativity for a reaction because they feel powerless in the world sometimes I just say something to their "Catholic" faces.
    Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
    4:32 pm
    Paul Simon's life
    What I admire about Paul Simon's music and life is that he kept becoming. He kept developing and trying new things. I have held that respect for him inside of me for years.
    4:28 pm
    A good life
    This morning I was up at 5 a.m. and then I was off to see Mom shortly before I went to Galena. I dropped Mom off lunch then drove back to Madison----the drive is beautiful. Galena is beautiful and I have been going there since I can remember. I love it there.

    Mom fell the other night after I left. I said, "That's why you were sick yesterday."

    I know her. It shook her up. I plan to make a quick trip there tomorrow night, spend the night, put the garbage out and leave at 4 a.m.

    I love my time with her.

    Mostly I love life.

    Tonight, I played a little girl's version of chutes and ladders in the leaves. She developed 3 games and we played for 45 minutes.

    I have a wonderful life as a writer. I know it.

    I am living my life the way that I want to do so.

    That's what matters.

    I am free.
    Monday, October 20th, 2014
    8:02 pm
    The Logic of The Fall
    For my Dad's Maple Leaves

    By chance, like a comet missing the
    planet? my toes touched your leaves
    for the first time, my bare feet
    followed my command to get something
    from outside to suddenly wake me up
    to the new sensation of October leaves
    on my soles. The first time I walked
    on leaves, a message of how many more
    new experiences there are to my path.
    Stilled, I stood on the smooth red
    orange blazoned leaves: cool touch,
    not what I expected a statue pose
    came from me to take in the experience
    of dying leaves feeling right on the
    soul of my being, lifting me with new
    awareness that could not come if I walked
    on water or were perfect in any way. To
    leave our being to the ways of chance?
    Everything happens for a reasoned season.

    7:47 pm
    I thought I wrote a 1070 words in my novel tonight but I wrote
    1770 words in less than an hour.

    This is my second novel. I sat down to type a scene and flew out of me. I am grateful to the muse.

    and the medication
    10:24 am
    Major Breakthrough on my Christmas Novel
    I have been working on my Xmas novel for 4 years. I didn't know that I had A.D.D. so I would long for a focus and I would wonder if I could do it.

    Now, as I map out and work on 3 novels I know I can do it and I have a focus thanks to a great doctor who didn't just go with the flow but who asked questions and got me on the right med.

    So Saturday I went to Galena to get some things for Mom and in a parking lot I heard a woman tell a man that he was always angry, hating and wanting to find and that she was not going to live like that.

    I instantly thought, "Oh my god, that is why Slaughter hates M.J. she helped a woman get away from him who said the same things as the woman in Galena."

    I had been searching for a reason that Slaughter wants to do M.J. in. I shook my head at the idea that he wanted her for his woman because M.J. would never be with someone like Slaughter. I just wouldn't let my writing go there.

    So not only does Slaughter want to destroy Christmas in SHullsburg he wants to destroy Weedy Oak because M.J. and Weedy become friends.

    Saturday night I took a few moments and wrote out the scene where the woman says to Slaughter. It all feels right and congruent now.

    My nephew, Andy, is going to illustrate the covers of my books. He's Tom's son.
    10:16 am
    My dad's gift to my mom
    Yesterday morning I drove back to Mom's. I had to be in Madison Saturday night but I returned to finish up things for her.

    She had a card for me with a gift saying, "thank you for the many trips you make to see the grouch."

    I said, You aren't the grouch I am the grouch.

    I didn't want to take the gift she insisted.

    We had a lovely day. I finished laundry for her and made her bed upstairs and one on the couch.

    I introduced her to the most important man in my life, Harold. He is a vacuum. Mom said, 'He has a big mouth."

    I said, "Yes, and he likes to get the dirt on people."

    I also packed her 5 lunch bags full of 2 fruits and 3 veggies, sliced little and peeled so she can easily eat them. The bag had some nuts, yogurt tubes and chocolate. It's to go along with what else she eats for the day.

    She said to me, "I don't have to take a ride to see the leaves; I can look outside the back yard."

    She has a beautiful backyard. My dad planted the trees she sees as well as my 2nd oldest brother.
    Saturday, October 18th, 2014
    8:55 am
    Notre Dame's Biggest Fan
    A letter to our Dad

    Your dying Maple bleeds red
    leaves, a palm reader read
    their veins, a deep link to
    the earth's heart on their
    main artery to the twig that
    let them go for compost for
    the future's life. Their death
    smells intoxicating an irony of
    nature that the drying up earth
    evokes smells of warmth. Your
    leaves fall to go under winter's
    bed of snow, the poor man's
    fertilizer you used to say of
    the white cover above your
    maples. The leaving of your
    trees bleed memories of your
    joy. We smile and repeat your
    Autumn rituals to be with you.
    Tonight the Irish fight their
    game, scattered here and there
    we all will pay attention to
    be together with you rolling
    your hands like a boxer, smiling
    with joy of life, "Aint it fun!"

    Friday, October 17th, 2014
    6:51 pm
    6:23 pm
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